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Two one-semester courses (Students must independently register for each semester.)

Course Description: 

The course Mandarin Chinese (Pŭtōnghuà) is designed for students who have 2-year experience in learning Chinese, and want to explore more about the Chinese language and culture. Focusing on speaking, listening, reading, writing skills, this course aims to enable learners to understand and master intermediate language materials related to common daily settings. Students are expected to achieved the study goals from four perspectives, which we have adopted from ACTFL OPI’s (Oral Proficient Interview) assessment criteria: 1) Function- create with language, initiate, maintain, and bring to a close simple conversations by asking and responding to simple questions after the class; Context- students are able to handle some informal setting and a limited number of transactional situations; Accuracy: understood, with some repetition, by speakers accustomed to dealing with non-native speakers; Text type- with discrete sentences. On the cultural perspective, students are expected to develop intermediate level of cross-cultural awareness through understanding the differences between Chinese and American cultures.

We have previously offered Mandarin Chinese at two levels, Chinese I and Chinese II, each is a one-year-long course(two semesters). Five lessons of Integrated Chinese together with other learning materials will be taught in each semester and ten lesson with other learning materials will be covered in one year. From 2017, we will offer Chinese 3 class to meet the further study needs of MT high school students. The class will adopt the same structure and will be one-year long program.

In addition to the regular weekly-based class content, there are virtual conference meetings components in this course, targeting on developing Chinese oral and social skills. Students should attend the meeting as required in the class. In addition, students are also expected to submit assignments timely, including audio assignment (which you are able to record in the assignment folder, other conventional homework, forums, quizzes, and tests (taking) etc.

The 2017 Fall Chinese III class will cover 5 lessons, including Lessons 18-20 of Level 1 Part 2 book of Integrated Chinese and Lesson 1-2 of Level 2 Part 1 book of Integrated Chinese. Topics related to By the end of the semester, students are expected to express the following in Chinese: 1) Talk about one’s exercise habits and discuss one’s feeling about various sports; 2) sking a friend to go to a party with you and arranging a time and place to meet and things to do for the party; 3) understanding and repeating instructions on when and how often to take medications as well as describing the basic symptoms of a cold and allergies; 4) inviting someone to go on a date and making the necessary arrangements to go out with friends etc.; 5) Discussing and negotiating rent, utilities and security deposits for room rentals etc.


Chinese I and Chinese II

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Please review the general original credit software requirements at

Additional software is required for the Chinese program. Please contact Jason Neiffer

Course Availability (subject to resource and teacher availability):

Fall: A semester available

Spring: B semester available

Summer: not available

Lead Teacher:

Suhan Chen, Confucius Institute at University of Montana,